Project :Assessment of Key Policies and Measures to Address the Drivers of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Sri Lanka

At the workshop September 22, 2014 with the stakeholders

At the Workshop July 21, 2014 at Sri Lanka Forestry Institute, Nuwara-Eliya.

This consultation involves developing a detailed assessment of drivers; their causes; inter-relationships and impacts across land use sectors by analysing various factors including, among others, biophysical and technical matters, land use policy conflicts, economic trends, demographics, access to technology and innovation and socio-cultural practices; identifying priority drivers; evaluating potential policies and measures that can be addressed; identifying where and how gaps between forest management policies, laws and regulations and those of other land use sectors can be addressed and proposing recommendations that can be used to elaborate the priority policies and measures as part of the REDD+ strategy process.

Client : United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Dr. N. Pallewatta (Zoology)
Dr. S. Ranwala (Plant Sciences)
Dr. E.Y.K. Lokupitiya (Zoology)

Outside Consultants:
Mr. MPAUS Fernando (Former Conservator General of Forests)
Prof. Indralal de Silva (Department of Demography, University of Colombo)
Prof. Lasantha Manawadu (Department of Geography, University of Colombo)
Mr. Upali Imbulana (Irrigation and water resources management engineer, Former Additional Secretary Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resource Management)
Dr. Athula Senaratne (Researcher, Institute of Policy Studies)