The first successful “Commercialization of research” under the Colombo Science & Technology Cell (Cell) was materialized with the company Darley Butler. The product “Bio Clean” was launched on November 30th at Galle Face Hotel and was attended by UGC Vice Chairman Prof. P.S.M. Gunaratne, Vice Chancellor of the University of Colombo Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake, Dean/Faculty of Science, Heads of Departments, Board of Directors of the Cell, the consultancy team, research assistant Mr. H H Chaminda Lakmal and Cell staff. From the sale of every bottle of “Bio Clean” the company pledged to make a financial contribution to the Colombo Science and technology cell.

Speaking at the event Mr. Sanjeewa Gunawardena, a member of the board of Directors of Darley Butler stated that their newest brand “Bio Clean” is not merely a launch of a new product but a launch of an idea where partnerships with Universities will enable the Sri Lankan industries to make better products for Sri Lankan consumers. He further stated that “the corner stone of high quality products is high quality research and development. Sri Lankan companies find it difficult to match the R&D budgets and economics of sales that multinationals enjoy; yet through partnership with Universities we can achieve the same goal. The agreement between Darley Butler and Colombo Science & Technology Cell pave way to a new research culture in Sri Lanka. The Cell brought Science and Darley butler gave the Marketing expertise.

Bio Clean paper advertisement