We can undertake projects in the following areas.


  • Plant disease identification and recommendation of control methods
  • Scientific identification of plants
  • Post-harvest handling of fruits and vegetables
  • Machinery for drying of agricultural produce and other materials


  • Chemical analysis (water, air quality, soil, metal, and food)
  • Separation, identification and determination of chemicals

Educational (Science related, A.L. and above)

  • Teacher training programs
  • Academic and professional course developments
  • Evaluation of academic programmes
  • Extension courses on science & technology
  • Statistical training programmes
  • Training programs in electronics &automation
  • Workshop practice in mechanical, wood and glass blowing
  • Educational testing services


  • Electronics instrumentation
  • Scientific instrument development
  • Electromagnetic field measurements and analysis
  • Automation technology
  • Lightning and transients protection


  • Consultancy services on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) & Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE)
  • Water/soil quality analysis (biological aspects)
  • Biodiversity assessments & monitoring
  • Testing of samples (food, building materials, etc) for radioactivity
  • Monitoring of environment for radiation
  • Selection of plants for landscaping
  • Life cycle assesment/Carbon foot print analysis

Financial and actuarial

  • Quantitative finance, financial optimization, risk management
  • Evaluation of insurance products and retirement plans


  • Network optimization, problems related to “Traveling Salesman” problem and job scheduling algorithms
  • Analysis of genetically modified (GM) foods
  • Industrial automation
  • Electroplating
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Isolation & characterization of natural products


  • Immunodiagnostics
  • Mathematical modeling in health science such as analyzing dynamics of infectious diseases
  • Toxicological analysis
  • Bioactivity of natural and synthetic products
  • Amino acid and protein analysis, enzyme development and kinetics
  • Molecular cloning and gene expression
  • Recombinant protein expression
  • Organic synthesis
  • Molecular modeling
  • Analysis of herbal, pharmaceutical and other industrial products for anti-microbial activity
  • Design and analysis of epidemiological studies and clinical trials
  • Survival analysis


  • Microbiological analysis


  • Statistical consultancy Including planning, designing, conducting, sample surveys and analysis and report writing
  • Computational modeling & simulation