Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) are designed to provide innovators with access to locally based, high quality technology information services and other related services. The Cell partnered with National Intellectual Property Office (NIPO)/World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and established the TISC at the Cell on June 07, 2016.

Establishment of TISC center  at the Cell on June 07, 2016

At the workshop on patent search on January 25, 2017


Activity 1: Completion of DL101 by the Cell Managers

In order to provide a better service to the researchers at the Faculty of Science, Cell managers (Mr. B.Y.C. Kumarasiri and Ms. G.S. Amath) have successfully completed the General course on Intellectual Property (DL 101) in May, 2016 and are hoping to gain more knowledge on IP related activities. Also they have participated in workshops conducted by NIPO/WIPO in years 2015 and 2016.

Activity 2: Workshop on ‘Capacity Building to enable IP environment in R&D sector’

The cell organized a workshop with the help of NIPO on “Capacity Building to enable IP environment in R&D sector” on June 15, 2016 at the Board Room of the Dean’s office, Faculty of Science with more than 60 participants. This program was opened to the participants from all over the country.

The cell will continue to work with NIPO to promote the IP awareness among the researchers at the Faculty of Science.

Activity 3: Discussion on Patent Search

Small discussion on Patent search was facilitated by the Cell managers for fifteen participants from the Department of Chemistry on October 03, 2016 at New Chemistry Lecture Theater (NCLT). This was the second activity done by the Cell after signing the MOU as a TISC. This was organized to improve the awareness among the academics and young researchers at the Department of Chemistry about the importance of the prior art search.

Activity 4: Workshop on Prior Art Search for Research Assistants under the Cell

A workshop was organized for the research assistants who are currently conducting collaborative research projects with the local Industry on December 12, 2016 by Ms. Amath and Mr. Kumarasiri.

Activity 5: Assistance in Prior Art Search

Cell managers have conducted several prior art searches for different Industry related research projects undertaken by the Cell.

Activity 6: Workshop on Prior Art Search for young researchers at the Faculty of Science

A workshop was organized for the young researchers who are currently doing research projects at the Faculty of Science under several departments on January 25, 2017 by Prof.D.T.U. Abeytunga, Ms. Amath and Mr. Kumarasiri.

AActivity 7: Seminar on Prior Art Search for young lecturers at the Faculty of Science

A seminar was organized for the young lectures who are currently doing research projects at the Faculty of Science under several departments on July 11, 2017 by Prof.D.T.U. Abeytunga, Ms. G.S. Amath.

Activity 8: Distance Education for Cell personnel

Prof.D.T.U. Abeytunga and Ms.G.S.Amath successfully completed the DL301 course on Patents and DL320 course on Patent drafting. And they are currently doing DL318 course on patent search.

Activity 9: Supporting researches to commercialize and patent their research work

The Cell got the opportunity to participate on a workshop conducted by WIPO consultants. The Cell took this opportunity to give a chance to Science faculty researchers to discuss with the WIPO consultants about their research.

Future Planes

  1. Training under the IP Hub/Spokes
  2. Assisting the researchers and the Industry to protect Intellectual Rights (Patents, Industrial Designs and Trademarks, etc.) under NIPO
  3. With the training from the IP Hub project, assistance will be given for PCT filing, etc.


About NIPO

NIPO was established on January 1, 1982  under the Intellectual Property Act No 36 of 2003 is mandated with the administration of the intellectual Property System in Sri Lanka and with the vision of to Become a leading development oriented agency offering quality based services with enhanced productivity.

Mrs. G.R. Ranawaka (Director General) addressing the participents at a workshop conducted by NIPO


(i) Administration of intellectual property including the activities relating to registration and post registration of marks, patents, industrial designs, layout designs of integrated circuits and collective societies.

(ii) Collection and dissemination of Intellectual property information.

(iii) Promotion of awareness in the subject of intellectual property.

(iv) Promotion of the use of intellectual property system in the development process by the intellectual property owners, enterprises & industries.

(v) Fulfillment of international obligations of Sri Lanka relating to intellectual property and promotion of international and regional cooperation on Intellectual property.

(vi) Proposing policies on Intellectual Property.

(vii) Facilitation of enforcement of IP rights including dispute resolution in the field of copyright and related rights.

(viii) Registration and administration of Intellectual Property Agents.


The cell is working with NIPO in order to increase the awareness of the Intellectual property matter among the Faculty of Science staff and the students. NIPO is also helping the cell staff to improve the knowledge on IP and related matter.