The Faculty of Science realizing its potential took steps to establish the University of Colombo Science & Technology Cell (UCSTEC) in 2009 to be in line with the following strategies of the Corporate Plan of the University.Strategy 2.2.4: “collaborate with private sector and relevant organizations to develop industry-linked research”

Strategy 2.5.1: “Facilitate transfer of knowledge and technology to the benefit of society”
Strategy 3.1.1: “Create an awareness in the public/private sector about the advisory and consultancy capabilities in teaching, research and professional services that can be provided by the university”
Strategy 3.1.2: “Undertake consultancy projects with private/public sector organizations”
Strategy 7.2.1: “Provide professional and consultancy services on a fee levying basis”
Strategy 7.2.5: “Undertake research for industry and private sector institutions”