The CAMSO Loadstar looked for a comprehensive environmental analysis of the biomass fired boiler and biomass supply chain with appropriate recommendations for the sustainability of the operation in future. With their request a comprehensive study was carried out to quantify the greenhouse gas (GHG) Emissions associated with the biomass fired steam boiler operation at Camso tyre manufacturing factory at Midigama. Consultants conducted a detailed research in-order to prepare the final report and most of the findings were appreciated by the senior management of the company. Further, consultants were given recommendations to develop a sustainable biomass cultivation and supply chain for running a more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable operation. This project was done by the consultants of the Department of Zoology. 


Dr. Erandathie Lokupitiya
Mr. Jagathdeva Vidanagama


CAMSO Loadstar (PVT) LTD