Under phase II of the collaboration between the Counseling Division of the Ministry of Women Child Affairs and Social Security, The Asia Foundation and Colombo Science and Technology cell of the Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo, used the data portal developed under phase I to run live real time data collected by the Client Screening Form ( CSF) and Client Intake Form (CIF). Also it included appropriate web-hosting server identified for the entire period to run the data visualization project as well as the development and design of an interface for data entry of CIF & CSF data whilst automate checks for sample error checking in run. Apart from that it was agreed to prepare a video document for the training and develop CDs to be used for future trainings.


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Dr. R. V. Jayathilleka (Statistics)

Dr. J. H. T. S. P. Tissera (statistics) 


Asia Foundation

Ministry of Women Child Affairs and Social Security