Cell worked with Concept Ventures (Private) Limited which is a subsidiary of the Hemas group to develop a Dental gum. Most chewing gums are made from synthetic plastic which are made in factories using synthetic bases. Conventional chewing gum compositions are not “environmentally-friendly” and not sugar free. They can maintain stickiness during and after chewing and adhere to the ground. The dirty chewing gum found under tables, bus seats and roads are a great evident that it does not biodegradable and it’s another plastic pollutant that collects to the environment. Therefore, the objective of the project wast to develop a gum that is free from synthetic polymer which is healthier to human as well as friendly to earth. The MOU was signed on May 04, 2018. This project was done with the consultants from the department of Chemistry. Now the research phase is over and the Cell is working with the company to commercialize the research outcome.

Ball shaped dough

Tumbling pieces of gum


Dr. M.N. Kaumal (Chemistry)
Dr. Aashani Tillakeratna (Chemistry)

Research Assistant:

Ms. Ruhany Azeeze


Concept Ventures (Private) Limited

(Subsidiary of Hemas)