Handing over the license agreement for the Bio clean between Darley Buttler and Colombo Science & Technology Cell was the main event of the Cell AGM 2015-2016 which was held on October 5, 2016. This was a historical event for the Cell as well as for the University of Colombo, since it was the first license agreement between a private company and a University for a FMCG product. According to the Mr. Sanjeewa Gunawardena (Executive Director E.B. Creasy Group) Bio Clean is currently the Number 02 brand in Sri Lanka within the nine shot months and according to the licence agreement total revenue for the Cell for last ten months is around 1,000,000.00 Sri Lankan Rupees. Also he mentioned that this activity can be taken as a success story case study to improve the University Industry partnership.

Even though the final outcome seems pleasant this journey wasn’t an easy one. As Cell we thank all the people who worked hard to make this dream a reality. We believe this small single step will be a giant leap for everybody.

Handing over the license agreement to the Chairman Cell

 Mr. Sanjeewa Gunawardena addressing the AGM