Under HETC project QIG window 4 grant, funds have been allocated to equip the mechanical workshop of Department of Physics, University of Colombo in order to facilitate manufacturing of laboratory equipment for school science laboratories. Experimental apparatus and equipment such as Slotted Masses, Potentiometers, Constant Pressure Heads, Pendulum Bobs, Inclined Plane and Friction Boards, U-Tubes, Charle’s Apparatus, Boil’s Apparatus, Hair’s Apparatus Rotating Chairs with Cycle Rim, Meter Bridges, Moment of Inertia Rod sets etc were manufactured under this project. Schools as well as other institutions such as OUSL have shown their interest on working with the Cell. Several orders have been completed successfully and items delivered to respective clients.

U-tube- To measure the density of two liquids, Inclined plane & friction ball- Determine the motion of objects under friction, Moment of Inertia rods- Determine the moment of inertia, Hair’s Apparatus-

Finished items for the Kandy Girl’s High School

Rotating Chair- Determine moment of inertia

Stainless steel Autoclave baskets made for the Microbiology unit, Faculty of Medicine

Ms. M. Madhavee
Dr.D. R. Jayasundara

Dr. W.M.K.P. Wijayaratna (Physics)

Clients :
Girls’ High School, Kandy
St. Thomas’ College
Open university Sri Lanka
Lindsey Balika Vidyalaya
Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya
Prof. JKDS Jayanetti
Dept of Microbiology Faculty of Medicine
Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy
Vishaka Vidyalaya, Colombo
Adventis International School, Nigambo
Musaeus College, Colombo 08
Yasodara Devi Balika Vidyalaya, Gampaha
Department of Chemistry, University of Colombo
Ananda College Colombo