Cell has undertaken two projects from Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited.One is to optimize the process of the development of Virgin Coconut oil. The research started in July 2015 and ended in October 2015 and the final report submitted to the Sunfrost Private Limited. The company was happy with the results of the project and they are going to work with the Cell for another project related to VCO.


Meeting with Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited representatives on
July 06, 2015

The very first project discussion on
July 15, 2015

Factory visit to Wanasinghe Oil Mills on
July 22, 2015

Research Assistant working with two consultants


Dr. Sashi Vithanarachchi (Chemistry)
Prof. RD Wijesekera (Chemistry)
Dr. MN Kaumal (Chemistry)

Research Assistant:

Ms. HHAM Ruvini

Client :

SUNFROST (PRIVATE) LIMITED under Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited